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Google just released an interactive music timeline. It’s pretty fascinating, and all the albums link directly to Google Play (here’s my store).

But The Verge uncovered a haunting fact: “Not included on the chart is classical music, something Google says it’s excluded given that it’s typically cataloged by composition date, and not when it’s recorded.”

That would make sense but Classical Music is more than just dead composers from the 1400’s. Today there are plenty of orchestra musicians and composers, but since Classical Music isn’t included here then you completely, once again, beat the genre down and wonder why it can’t get up.

Google, you could’ve helped out a lot of classical/orchestra composers whose music is on Google Play and would benefit from the discovery. Now it’s just another depressing article about how Google, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and more continue to exclude the orchestra filed under my genre tag.

I’m at this orchestra meeting with a bunch of orchestra Personnel, and the moderator opens up the discussion by asking “what is the first thing you look for in creating a Board of Directors”?

Everyone answered “someone with resources and money”, which the moderator wrote at the top of the chart there.

NO!!! That is not the fucking answer. That’s why the orchestra is dying.

THE FUCKING ANSWER IS SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD. I’ve said this before - the orchestra world is broken from the ground up.

Orchestra board of directors are the WORST. They’re old-school, broken, slow, and un-imaginative. You shouldn’t hire someone with money, because that’s the dumbest thing you can do. The second you do that, you’re dead in the water.

No wonder why every orchestra has been going bankrupt for decades.

I’m so upset right now.

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