Apologies About MLP “Answers”

I specifically did not want questions enabled for my MLP audio post today. But somehow, some way, tumblr seems to have magically added them in there - how’d that happen? There’s not even a question mark within the post. And I can’t turn them off.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I spent 70 hours arranging that piece, and wanted everything to be perfect. Oh well, “Be Calm And Orchestrate!”. I just want to say thanks everyone! More to come! Bro-hoof!


1.) I added artist quicklinks to the left sidebar of my front page. Check it out
2.) The music page has been updated with a Yahoo Music Player, easier navigation, direct purchase links to every store (Last.FM, Zune, HypeM, etc.), and more awesomeness
3.) I updated the press page so people can grab press photos should they choose to. I also have thankyou’s and links there to everyone who has supported my orchestra music.
4.) As you requested, the website is now in mobile view when browsing on your phone.
5.) Based on your feedback, T-Shirts and merch to be launched in a few weeks!
6.) As you saw yesterday, I’m adding a poll in a few weeks - so we can all vote on which songs to arrange!

What’s an update without a GINORMOUS THANK YOU?! Thanks guys!!!

And to show my appreciation, here’s a conductor that has musical stars coming out of their baton while they ride a horse:

// \