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Anonymous asked:

Are you aware that only the first 5 tags on a post are actually visible in tracked tags and searches? I just noticed the large amount of tags that you use for your songs, and was wondering if you knew that only a small portion are actually "tracked" by tumblr.

Yea, I know. The reason why I have tons of tags for my posts though is for my archives. For example:

On your dashboard for my Big Bang arrangement you would’ve seen the 5 tags “big bang, fantastic baby, g dragon, song, big bang orchestra”

But if you go to my front page and search “kpop, uptempo, dance, metal, thoughts” or numerous other tags, then you’ll see other related songs I’ve done.

In essence, I don’t do it for outside Tumblr people to find me, I do it for this community (if that makes sense!). Over the years tags have “self-populated” themselves and helps out the discovery on my website for you all months or years after it’s published.

Why Was Captain Planet Tagged In Gaming?

Back in 1990 Mindscape released a Captain Planet videogame for the NES. It was a crappy game, so that’s why nobody has heard of it.

So I decided to tag today’s piece in gaming for nostalgic and technical reasons. But after re-considering, I think I should have only tagged it in television because I have to draw the line somewhere.

For example: Super Mario Bros. could technically be tagged in everything (fashion, gaming, literature, arts and crafts, movies, etc.) because their products are all over the map. But over-tagging, although in good faith, can come off as spammish.

My thanks to Krakenstein for bringing this to my attention, and I agree.

It’s an interesting debate, but I’ve decided I’ll only tag the main category for now on.

Here’s an alternate iTunes Cover by Jasen Tamiia. Jasen totally ran with it and made it 20% cooler. Literally.

If you have something awesome send it over, or link to it in the comments!

Hmm, should we have fan submissions each week for every one who wants alternate covers, or to express themselves?

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