Why You Shouldn’t Reach Out To The Press

A lot of artists and musicians have messaged me recently, and I wanted to address a few things.

Over the years I spent a ton of time and money creating press kits, emailing, phone calls, going to expos, and more. And nothing worked. I should have just concentrated on perfecting my craft and keeping in touch with my small family of supporters.

It’s not that I’m against interviews - I’ve done plenty and I love discovering, reading, and spreading new stories and ideas. But the press is bombarded with people trying to contact them, and the one’s who get little attention are the people who make it all possible in the first place - the community.

Think: Who are they going to believe - Me? Or 3,000 screaming fans knocking down their door?

But if I did this over again and HAD to reach press, I’d contact niche markets rather than the big guys. After a Pokemon piece for orchestra, I’d contact Pokemon web portals, Pokemon YouTube channels, and podcasts. So when dancers and photographers ask me for advice, it’s simple: be a part of SOMETHING. Also, the world doesn’t need any more mediocrity.

So just create remarkable work, continue to work your ass off making flawless art, be patient, be a part of something beautiful, and support your community in the same way they support you.

The rest will fall into place - I truly believe that beautiful and remarkable art will always spread to find its audience.