How to Simplify My Releases

If you want “audio only” then you can subscribe to my Soundcloud. If you want “video only” then you can subscribe to my Youtube.

But Tumblr is where I’m confused. Would it be overkill to post the videos AND the Soundcloud audio back-to-back as 2 separate posts?

I’m considering only Tumblr’ing the Soundcloud audio while adding the video link below, so it’ll read “iTunes, Bandcamp, Video, Other”.

Yes? No?

Do You Live On East Coast USA?

Philadelphia/NYC area

Because this community - you, us, together - should do the dance for this Mike Tyson video.

I can pick a time, day, location, show the choreography to you all, and then record it.

Anyone interested?

Voting For $1 ?

There’s no “official” voting poll here at ForOrchestra, which has always bothered me. I give away my music for free and have never liked PollDaddy, Survey Monkey, or others.

Be honest: if I had a “voting committee” that allowed $1 to vote on which songs I arrange - is this something you would be a part of?

Tumblr says I can’t ask more than 2 questions per day. Vote somehow to let me know.

Some have demanded I add Zombies and Steve. 1 or 2?

Final Vote! 1 2 3 or 4?

Final Vote! 1 2 3 or 4?

I made two more options: Clockwise: 1.) Steve holding a conductor’s baton 2.) Minecraft music notes 3.) Light themed battle 4.) Dark themed battle

I have 5 songs on this CD - so I may have a “main” cover and use another one for the other 5 songs. Thoughts (?)

Disturbed Q&A

The original is 5 minutes long…

1.) How important is the breakdown towards the end?

2.) Should I replace it with a solo new section?

3.) Should I add a huge solo somewhere?

4.) Can I edit the breakdown a bit, or is that against the rules entirely?

"Indie Band or Tumblr Name?"

Episode 1. No cheating. Take a guess:

Danananan Aykroyd
Butthole Surfers
Elliot The Letter Ostrich
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Six Willows
Prince Vorkken
Gay For Johnny Depp
Haha Whore
Doubled Dutchy
Flames Of A Timelord
The Skankin Pickles
Not So Grumpy Darth

Growing my first beard. Thumbs up? Down? #firstbeard #keepportlandbeard #vote #poll

Growing my first beard. Thumbs up? Down? #firstbeard #keepportlandbeard #vote #poll

Hatsune Miku Extreme Remix?

In Hatsune Miku “World Is Mine” how important is this interlude from 2:40 - 3:25?

I’d like a fresh version of the song, so I’m considering taking that whole section out and turning it into a stomp along with a few solos. No?