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Thoughts On Today’s Lonely Star [Original]

The way this piece came about, I was up late trying to learn ragtime chords on piano after watching a few Youtube piano tutorials. I played very slow because I’m not very good at piano yet. In fact, the reason I was up late playing at all is because I spent all day frustrated at how bad I was.

The following morning I couldn’t remember the piano melody I wrote, and so I assumed the song was gone forever. A month went by until I caught myself singing and realized it was the piano melody I lost! So I quickly wrote it down and made it my next piece.

Lonely Star is slow, mysterious, and sad. Most of my cover songs are uptempo, so I was excited to write an original that forced me to slow down. Quincy Jones always talked about how tempo was the most important element in a song. A lot of times a fast song can “hide” bad writing - like how an action movie can have a poor script but a ton of explosions. So my originals are usually an opportunity to learn new techniques and create a “musical blog post”. Like, where I can record what’s on my mind or how I’m feeling.

Lonely Star is a song about a star that cries as it begins to fade. The star depends on you, and the more you don’t believe in it then it slowly withers away.

It’s funny to me how my originals are always so sad. They’re all about horrible things, like times I was lied to or feeling intense pain in some dramatic way. To write about a star isn’t something I saw myself doing, but I couldn’f escape this image of a star needing us.

Everyone wants to be wanted, and appreciated. This piece isn’t about anything specific in my life, but it is about how we all depend on each other and need each other’s love.

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