Your 3 Word Descriptions Are Amazing (?)

I just spent a good 10 minutes looking over them all and can’t stop laughing.

I have so many questions and comments based on them all:

krakenstein: Evil Power Ranger!
It was you all this time? You bastard!

upper-stories: Awaken. Survive. Sleep……… the wasn’t supposed to sound so profound
I literally LOL’d

incrediblyoriginalurl answered: Runs, Violin, Runs
OK, so is this like “track practice. play violin, then go back to track practice”. Or is it more like “violin runs, normal violin section, ok now back to violin runs”. Or is it “running from the cops, omg look there’s a violin. OK time to run from the cops again”?.

missmadnessland: Mad, Random, Mad
Directly above. Replace runs with Mad. And Violin with Random. So many questions and amazing possibilities.

talesfromhetaliauniversity answered: Slightly Mad Nerd-ja
Amazing TIL. Nerd + Ninja = Nerdja.

smashbrotherhood: Games, Music, Movies
this is 99% of us

nerdwire: Not that old.

genevieveaileen: coffee, coffee, coffee
I’ve only drank coffee twice in my life

rainbowdash4ever: Feels, Feels, Feels.
All the feels!

askanoma: Draw Eat Sleep
Draw as in Draw Something? Or as in actual art?

francyoworandomness: Ocarina. Piano. Me. :B
have you ever seen a teacarina?

ladymusouka: Chocolate. Music. Tumblr
every guy here wants to marry you right now

kuaymou answered: Words Words Words
With friends friends friends?

gbirdfan answered: Short, Porkerican, obsessed
I checked Urban Dictionary and found no vocab for Porkerican. I am intrigued.

inalackofcolor: Shipper, Feels, Singer
OMG I want to hear your stuff. In fact I want to just take a day and listen to everyone’s music, art videos. That will be fun to do this week!

alexisdanaan: Tragic caffeine addict
you should meet up with genevieveaileen above

dino-kyu: I just wanted to say how amazing all your music is


bacon-booty-queen answered: i like butts
cigars? or the sir mix a lot kind?

yourhetaliaconfessions answered: threees simply not enough for me,
but apparently 6 is!

purplebloodedmajesty answered: I love life.
It’s the only way to be.

00dameblack00 answered: Just not normal.
Me too. That’s why we get along.

ladyeve2point0 answered: crazy, moving, colorful
like a wreckless unicorn flying over a rainbow!