I talked about this before, hoping for a music-genre videogame that didn’t suck. Music in the background is normal, but I’ve always felt there’s something about music being THE videogame.

Enter Wave Trip.

Via The Verge:

In the beginning, everything is quiet. But as you pilot your cute, triangular spaceship through the levels of Wave Trip, the world begins to fill with sound. For each coin you collect a new note is added to the soundtrack — whether it’s a thumping bass beat or the strum of a guitar — and before long you have a song to nod along to

Of all the games I’ve looked into - and trust me, I’ve played and/or looked into every single one of them - this one seems the most promising. It looks like a combination of Mario Paint, Atari Starship, and Guitar Hero.

Fast forward to 22 seconds: A videogame that uses your personal music collection to advance the game. Looks really neat, but of course I have my doubts. (Thanks to Srsizzness for the hat tip.)

Remember iPhone’s Song Summoner? The music you listened to on your phone while not playing the game awarded you with pitch pearls when you started playing again. It was such a novel idea, unfortunately it was poorly executed.

There’s something intriguing about this new genre of music inside videogames as a weapon. Although I’m not sure what it is.

Anyway, if someone can crack the code and make this concept awesome (maybe Symphony Game does that?) then it’s going to be the absolute coolest genre ever.

NOTE: Dance Dance Revolution is one of my all time favorite games. I challenge anyone to a duel.

Let’s play a game!

Take a band, change one letter, and then briefly explain what their music would be about.

I’ll start:

Gym Glass Heroes = songs about how mysterious superheroes made of glass win capture the flag and duck duck goose every single time.

You’re turn. Whatcha got?