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A trip down memory lane, this was my banner back in 2006, back when ‘’ was just ‘’.

I remember actually buying a 1 page ad in a physical newspaper to promote it. I don’t think I got 1 new customer, it’s so funny looking back and seeing how things have grown (in the graphic design, promotion, quality of my recordings, and overall structure of ‘ForOrchestra’).

3 Facts About ForOrchestra

1.) It was originally going to be called “Lady OrchOrch” and only be Lady Gaga songs arranged for orchestra. I changed the idea last minute because I assumed the number of my arrangements (releasing one song per week) would eventually eclipse the number of songs in Lady Gaga’s library.

2.) The logo was originally an Orca Whale (Get it? Orca = Orchestra), but then I scrapped that at the last minute after this google search happened.

3.) I couldn’t get any traction, airplay, or press coverage because of the oddity of combining rock with orchestra. So I spent a year sending out my music to Yoga studios and Restaurants in hopes they wanted my instrumental music. Nothing.

There’s been a ton, and I forgot about these little 3 things until recently. It’s fun to archive it for future reading and reminiscing.

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