SEO < Content

You know those WOW moments that stick out every once in a while?

Well before I joined Tumblr, I was concerned about effecting my Google SEO. At the time, I was the 26th search result for the term “orchestra” and every week I was rising a few positions as my blog was growing. In fact, I was even listed #1 for other incredibly valuable keywords.

But then my friend Kelly Sutton told me this:

And that’s when it hit me: SEO isn’t the goal. Community was the goal. And then I started thinking “are people REALLY searching Google for my product anyway?”. Probably not. Kelly was right, I was doing it all wrong.

Of course. It makes total sense. If you’re a video show, then you should join Youtube, Blip, or Vimeo, if you make arts and crafts then use Etsy instead of selling through your own website because it’s about the community. No one will find you if you host the show on your website with your own video player. And if you’re an app, you don’t even need a website or SEO - just trust the community to spread your message. Instagram proved that.

As is turns out, my search results on Google have tanked, but who cares. Tumblr is where I belong because I’m part of something now, and my content and community is so much more involved and connected than ever before. And it’s amazing.

Content > SEO