Here’s A List Of Things I Love More Than Tumblr:

Community > Numbers

I know that if I write shorter blog posts then I’ll get shared more. Especially when it comes to my music releases. But that’s not my priority.

The1TrueSushiBoy’s repost has over 39,000 notes about my music.

The Hype Machine’s repost has over 16,000 notes about my music.

When I message people who ‘liked’, reblogged, or commented on a post about my music, almost every one of them tell me they had no idea who made it, or that the musician was on Tumblr. They even thank me for reaching out to them (new fans, yay!).

So when I write my lengthy blog posts, I know I’m “disabling” about 20,000 potential shares per post. Tumblr doesn’t allow the [read more] option on audio posts, and reblogs are usually “stripped down” to the point that my iTunes links aren’t even included. But that’s the way things are, and you can’t change that. But then sometimes I think to myself “just spend insane hours creating amazing content, then release the songs for free downloads, and make the song’s blog post bare-bones short, because exposure is good.”

But to me, community > numbers.

I remember laying in my bedroom with headphones on while I read liner notes by Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Skankin Pickles, and my Pearl Jam CDs. It’s not that I don’t want to get too big, it’s that I don’t want to get disconnected from you - those liner notes growing up were the only things that made the music tangible to me, and I never forgot that. I love getting your emails, support, “asks”, and tweets.

And so for me to spend 60 hours on something and not attach words describing my thoughts and connection to you all… it’s becomes lifeless to me. It’s how you and I communicate and share our thoughts - why would I give that up?

I’m not about finding the 100,000 people who are going to reblog my music. I’m about finding the 1,000 people who are going to read my posts, care about my work, believe in it, buy it, love it, understand it, and nurture it.

Do you agree?