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I’m curious, except for genre, what’s your favorite genre?

I’m confused by your question. Anyway, I’m starting to really get into House. It comes down to culture. Look at Winter Music Conference, or the crowds at old Swedish House Mafia concerts - there’s a different energy that you see there than anywhere else on the planet. I want to be a part of that raw energy. A genre is only as powerful as it’s passion.

Thoughts On Tomorrow’s Avicii ‘Levels’ For Orchestra

Community. That’s what I loved about this piece. I loved watching the Avicii flashmobs videos on Youtube. Heck, I even wanted us to make one ourselves - I thought it’d be cool to do a “flashmob orchestra” of sorts. But where would we meet up? What day? Would anyone show up?

So tomorrow’s piece will be just the song, but I would love, LOVE, to make a group choreographed video somehow. Maybe we all shoot videos individually, then someone can edit them all together?

Anyway, I love Progressive House - and have wanted to arrange Avicii and Swedish House Mafia for a while. Avicii ‘Levels’ was definitely difficult to arrange. I listened to every possible cover of this song, tore up every idea I had, and started over many times.

There were times when the brass were out of their comfort range, or the vibraphones sounded out of place, or the bells were overbearing.

And after many hours, I decided to go back to my heavy metal roots. The drums are crushing, the violins are aggressive, and the ending brings it all back together. Without a doubt, this is my heaviest song to date.

This song has only 2 melodies, so how could I make that interesting? For me, the answer was the oboes and bassoons, because they make the low end both powerful and beautiful. That’s the perfect blend for progressive house, orchestra, and metal.

This reminds me of when I was younger, realizing that no matter what genre or style, music can bring us all together. The predictable “comfort zones” within music are wrong because that’s what ceases creativity and progression - and not just in music, but in all things - even in ourselves.

So that’s what this piece means to me: it’s about a community, and collectively coming together to break the comfort zone.

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