Guile’s Theme Vs. Beethoven Breakdown

The other day someone asked me to breakdown where Beethoven’s 5th appeared in my Guile’s Theme arrangement. I figured you may find it interesting. So here’s my best attempt at mapping it out:

Below, I point out the 7 sections where my Guile’s theme and Beethoven’s 5th are similar.

The top line (SF) refers to my Street Fighter Orchestra timestamp (this audio)

The bottom line (B) refers to the Beethoven’s 5th timestamp (this audio)

SF 0:00 - 0:05
B 0:00 - 0:05

SF 1:08 - 1:23
B 5:54 - 6:15

SF 1:28 - 1:33
B 6:23 - 6:27

SF 1:56 - 2:00
B 0:00 - 0:05

SF 2:48 - 3:07
B 0:24 - 0:32

SF 3:08 - 4:17 = That’s all just an original section / solo I wrote.

SF 4:41 - 4:44
B 0:00 - 0:05 (just as my song started, it ends)

New Music Thursdays And Street Fighter Vs. Beethoven

Tomorrow I’ll finally be releasing “Street Fighter Guile’s Theme vs Beethoven’s 5th Symphony”. And next Thursday is Doctor Who Theme Song For Orchestra.

Also, new songs will now be released on Thursdays. I apologize for the delay. I demand things to be punctual and perfect, and I refuse to be late on awesome new music for you every week, but a lot of moving parts are not in my control.

Moving everything to Thursdays will fix that!

Thoughts On Guile’s SF Theme This Friday

I arranged two stylistic versions of Street Fighter Guile’s Theme For Orchestra: speed metal and hard rock. Both are so intense, that I couldn’t decide between the 2, and my indecisiveness almost caused me to scrap the song all together.

This blog has definitely grown over the past few months, and the pressure to raise the bar each week is making me more productive, more excited, and more cautious with every future release for you all.

Since day 1 I’ve only want the best, and the result this week is an arrangement that nearly kisses the 5 minute mark.

Remember playing Street Fighter II all week long? Chun Li, Vega, Blanka, Zangief, Ken, Ryu - it felt like it was only yesterday. And then of course there was the movie, which was so bad it was good.

This song is a shot in the arm from many of our childhoods. It’s patriotic, it’s bone-crushing…

And if you’re not careful it’ll turn you into a family man - like a sir.