Tumblr Tag Game

I made up a Tumblr game called “Tag You’re It”, and I think we should all play it next week.

Here’s the idea:

1.) Someone makes an initial post that states an objective (The objective can be anything: “Tag You’re It: Cat Gifs”, “Tag You’re It: Memorable Quotes”, etc.)

2.) In the initial post are 10 tags - 1 for each random follower of theirs that they choose.

3.) Those 10 people have to reblog it and attach the objective (upload cat gifs, memorable quotes, or whatever) and then tag 10 more people.

The more ridiculous, the better. No rules. Just right.

Let’s play a game!

Take a band, change one letter, and then briefly explain what their music would be about.

I’ll start:

Gym Glass Heroes = songs about how mysterious superheroes made of glass win capture the flag and duck duck goose every single time.

You’re turn. Whatcha got?

Fun ‘We Are Young’ For Orchestra

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