My guitar student, Dana Schwartz (on the right), arranged and sang David Guetta ‘Titanium’ with her amazing trio. I would love if the internet watched this.

David Guetta ‘Turn Me On’
For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro

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Thoughts On David Guetta

“If I scream, if I cry, it’s only cause I feel alive”

That moment when you know you’re alive. You scream, cry, lose your breathe, and everything is in slow motion. It’s memorable because it’s a break from the day-to-day predictability.

It can be a city, a friendship, or a loved one. What matters is that the moment is different, and it strikes us.

David Guetta’s newest track ‘Turn Me On’ is the perfect piece for an orchestration. The melodic synth lines, pulsating 4-on-the-floor drum groove, and featured vocals by Nicki Minaj add a perfect blend of ‘thickness’ to the piece.

Similar to my LMFAO arrangement, I throw in a sweet vibraphone solo to hit the peak moment of this piece. Every time I heard he original I kept hearing this solo, and I kept hearing the chorus at the end repeated multiple times.

I wanted this arrangement to be heavy and slightly dark, so I made sure to paint it with thick double bass lines and crushing brass sectionals. The trombone takes a strong role in this piece, almost to contrast the oboes and clarinets throughout Minaj’s verses. That, to me, is what makes it work – the balancing of the heavy instruments to offset the velocity of lighter ones. It’s also why I ‘thin out’ the piece where in he original it was the tutti (everyone playing) section. For years Guetta has been someone I looked up to, and so I was excited to pay tribute to him on this new piece of his.

The lyrics really grabbed me. To imagine entering the world of someone so different and interesting that we can’t help but be attracted to them. It’s a theme worth paying tribute to, and I hope I captured it in the same beauty as the feeling itself.