BT ‘Simply Being Loved’
For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro

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Thoughts On BT ‘Sonambulist’ For Orchestra

“Simply Being Loved is more than enough”

One of my biggest influences is BT. I can remember transcribing all his compositions. BT arranged this composition back in 2006 off his album Emotional Technology, which features JC Chasez and many other great musicians. This is my first dance track arranged for orchestra, which was at the request of my good friend Rana June. I first heard of BT years ago from my friend who worked at my local music store called Full Circle Records. Knowing I was a fan of Tiesto‘s music, he told me to chck out BT.

Arranging a composition like this for Orchestra is fitting, because the words speak to me about my love – the orchestra. I liked having the flutes in their higher range almost “cry” out the words ‘Simply Being Loved’. I imagine the strings allowing it to take shape and keep it all together, while the drums continued to keep the ‘four on the floor‘. As the song drops down into its’ halftime-feel, I have the harp play a few choice notes while the flutes play the arpeggiated chord progression. Finally, I include the anvil and bell chimes for the final chorus, which builds up, only to have the flute close the composition with the words ‘it’s more than enough’.

This song was a blast to arrange. There were some very sonic things going on, like the vocal stutter effect, ambience, and different EQ production techniques, which all had to be arranged. When arranging this song, I wanted to tackle it’s aggressive meaning, but while still keeping it’s beauty. The orchestra was the perfect arrangement for this – because it’s an ensemble that can be both beautiful, while at the same time create crushing roars.