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ariesbolt asked:

I very much enjoyed "Smile smile smile" and I'm glad that you sent me the link and brought it into my life. I have listened to other My Little pony: Friendship is magic songs that are done in this way that float around the Brony fandom but this one is by far my favourite.

aww so glad you enjoyed it! i have another fandom MLP track coming out this week. WoodenToaster ‘Rainbow Factory’ For Orchestra, and it sounds super rad.

The Brony Show Interview

A few months ago I was interviewed on The Brony Show. You can listen to it here (starts at the 42 minute mark).

We talk about:

- How I’m not a Brony
- Passion and how I got my start in music
- The meaning of success differs from one person to another, I level success through my community
- How I have to stop saying “you know” and “ummm” when I talk

At first I’m nervous, then I loosen up as the show goes on. I’ve never been a fan of the 2 minute hyper-edited interviews. This is an 1 hour hangout. So fun.

Thoughts On Tomorrow’s My Little Pony For Orchestra

I can’t add the ‘read more’ option to audio posts. So for now on, Thursday I’ll post these lengthy thoughts, and then Friday will be the actual song.

"Friendship is Magic"

Could this arrangement have been 20% cooler? That’s the question I constantly asked myself as I spent endless hours on this piece. I wanted to expose a younger audience to the sounds of the orchestra: chimes, xylophones, triangle, flute glissandos, and more.

When arranging this song I had a hard time composing the violins from the guitar parts, the Cellos puncturing the rhythm, and the Oboe playing the long note passages. And then there was the question of song length, which I decided that since it’s a tribute it should be identical to the original. But I kept at it because I wanted it to have one defining characteristic: I wanted it to have the same aggression as the original, while still capturing that feeling of being ‘magical’.

It’s funny now as I become a part of this vibrant community here on Tumblr, because not only am I connecting with like-minded nerds like me, but I also am learning about entirely new communities, and that means a lot to me.

I get emails all day about people who get pushed around for liking this show, or about their artwork, or just trying to find and express themselves. It feels good to be a part of something and to give back. I really hope that shows through in this arrangement - it’s a fantastic song, a great show, and it’s for one of the coolest communities on here.

To all the Bronys and Pegasisters - this is for you. This is your anthem, and I hope you enjoy it in the same way I enjoyed arranging it for orchestra.

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