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Awesome web design

1.) The Verge Space Exploration. Even if you’re not a huge space junkie, you should scroll down the page on your laptop and notice the beautiful background slowly change.

2.) Thinkgeek’s background. Similarly, Thinkgeek has an awesome changing background as you scroll to the bottom. Zombies!

3.) NY Time’s ‘Tunnel Creek’. Some of the best story design, new media integration, and reporting in a story I’ve ever seen.

In the case of #1 and #3, I wish more sites did this for normal posts and features, as opposed to just overall web design. It makes the story that much more of an experience and intimate. Granted, I understand there are infrastructure and limited resources for things like that often, but when it’s such a cool trend I’m seeing.

Sure, there are these examples and thousands of others, but I like seeing these used in actual single stories. It’s one of the things that the web features can do that traditional magazines or newspapers can not.

There’s so much potential, and it’s such a pleasure to treat the eyes and the mind to more than just words on a page. Beautiful designs and care are such a pleasure.

What Makes Something Beautiful?

I talk a lot on this blog about making things beautiful. From a composition perspective, it seems vague, so I wanted to explain what I mean by that.

While beauty is subjective, I think there’s an element to that word that people can all agree on.

The reason I don’t call streets beautiful is because there’s no love put into them. The measurements are all wrong, the paint jobs are careless, the lines aren’t straight, the area where the road meets the grass looks horrible, and the colors aren’t consistent. They’re unremarkable.

I don’t call houses beautiful because they’re lifeless. Not in the literal sense, but in the way they’re crafted (why are these lights off center by 1/2 inch? Who thought that door went with that house? Why is the shape so boring?).

Beautiful doesn’t mean good-looking. It doesn’t mean flutes, a solo violin passage, soft, or whimsical.

Beauty is in the mind. It’s about how something makes you different than you were before you saw, heard, or felt it. And it has no shape - it can be heavy, dark, lovely, fast, slow, scary, bright, soft, or anything in between.

It’s about creating a product to the point that it brings both the artform and the viewer alive. It’s the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’.

In music, beauty isn’t in how it sounds, beauty is how it feels.

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