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Donations vs. Buying

I’ve made $29 in donations today, which is more than I’ve made in any single day over the past 6 years on my music, and it’s not even 3pm yet. Out of nowhere this week people are mentioning my music (over 100 arrangements yay!), rebogging it, buying it, and donating.

I’m a huge advocate for Creative Commons and Podsafe Music, but I can’t just give this music away for free AND sell it at the same time because I don’t own the original publishing for that. In fact, a large cut of my $1 sales go to iTunes, Bandcamp, and the original artist.

So now I’m thinking 3 options:

1.) Release the music for free and sell merchandise? I can’t tour, so I’m really dependent on donations, purchases, and whatever else there is. BTW selling sheet music is possible, but getting the rights takes forever and is really expensive. I started a kickstarter a few months ago, but it went nowhere.

2.) Continue to sell my music, but also push my donation page harder so I can hopefully do this full time for you all.

3.) Actually… I’m just a guy. I seriously have no idea what I’m doing.

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Is It Wrong To Publicly Publish “Ask” Questions?

Obviously, I answer all your questions, but some stuff I receive is REALLY cool and thoughtful. I’d like to publish some of your comments.

But I have 2 questions/concerns about that:

1.) I feel like its kind of publishing a email exchange that was meant to be private.

2.) Will that ruin my RSS dashboard content to you guys? Like, do you even LIKE reading those responses?

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