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1.) I’m almost finished arranging Avicii ‘Levels’ for you all
2.) It’ll be hard rock and orchestra. Heads will be banged.
3.) I’m going to bed. Zzzzzz.

Walt Ribeiro ‘Spectre’ [Original]


Back in 2006 I released a CD titled “I.I.”, which consisted of 12 pieces that weaved in and out of each other to create one complete symphony. I originally set off on the album after realizing orchestras wouldn’t play my music, and getting upset that they only performed works by the same 12 dead composers. I wanted to bring new music to the market – and “I.I” was my answer to that. It’s interesting to look back, so I’m re-publishing them in their original state – releasing one a day for the next 12 days. To hear and read about each piece click here.

I first came across the name ‘Spectre’ from the Twisted Metal series. I always like that car, because it was so tony and always seemed to get out of tough situations. What’s more, is how Spectre, along with the other Twisted Metal characters, were always in the midst of some of the most intense battles ever. You would find yourself in the middle of fire, ice, napalm, guns, destruction derby-style collisions, and more. Yet Spectre always seemed to find a way out, all in a cool calm and collected matter.

But this isn’t about Spectre the car itself, it’s about Spectre’s attitude – how it always was so strong and lived to fight another day after escaping chaos. Spectre was clearly the best car in the game (although Thumper was amazing too), but Spectre was the calm in the storm. Much like the next and final piece ‘Purple’s Chase‘, which is very agressive, Spectre draws upon a musical influence that looks back in a beautiful peaceful perspective, all before entering the final composition.

Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’ For Orchestra

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