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clarencetrill asked:

Would it be too much trouble to ask for some basic advice regarding transitions? I'm working on a rather large medley with 14 songs in it, but only 4 (technically 7, due to one seguing to the other) have any sort of transition, and only 3 are GOOD in any way. The rest are...well, just pauses. I have a lot of tonal centers to work with, so advice is appreciated!

"Cold Turkey Pauses" can actually be incredibly effective. One transition trick I sometimes do is take melodies from Song A and throw it into Song B, and take melodies from Song B and throw them into Song A.

Therefore, the listener feels like it’s 1 long song rather than 2 separate songs. This isn’t always the best approach though, so experiment a bit.

Another thing is sometimes the key or melody of one song only allows it to work as a transition into another piece. Like, if Song A ends on an Eb7 chord, then try and find another song that has the best song opening for a transition.

I’ll also say that “you are your worst judge”. I’m sure your transitions sound fantastic, but they may only sound bad to you. That’s a good problem to have, but ask friends and family for honest feedback (asking family members is almost always a bad thing because they will rarely tell you the truth).

The way to get better is to publish something and have the internet tear it apart and tell you how horrible it is. That’s what I do, and each week I’ve gotten better because of it, it’s also faster than spending 2 months over-editing and getting lousy feedback behind closed doors.


Anonymous asked:

Don't listen to anon. The Goat Simulator music is awesome. Anyway, how long is your composition going to be? There's the minute long trailer and an extended twenty six minute one. Maybe something in between? Are you going to put the part at 18:10 in your version? You are really doing it, right? It's dangerously close to April first. The internet cannot be trusted around this time.

It’s not an April Fool’s joke - I’m actually arranging it. I would have been finished by tomorrow had my hard drive not crashed this morning. I’m just tired of all these computer issues, and it’s not a “Mac” thing, either. My PC gave me even worse problems years ago.

Anyway, it’ll be 3-5 minutes long, maybe longer now that I have more time while I wait for this new hard drive to ship out.

Yes, it will have the part at 18:10, as well as the part at 11:21 :)

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