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I get so many ‘asks’ from people who can’t find some pieces. I’ve done over 160 arrangements and they’re all listed in alphabetical order on the left sidebar of my site’s front page.

In response to your question, the tags “Jonathan Coulton” and “Portal” are listed as 2 categories in that sidebar, and they both lead you to the songs. Feel free to use my site’s tags “joco, glados, jonathan coulton, portal, portal 2, gaming” etc. which are another way of getting there.

Here are the quicklinks:

Portal 1 ‘Still Alive’
Portal 2 ‘Want You Gone’

In Response To Portal’s Imperfections

Let me address a few responses regarding yesterday’s video about Chell’s footsteps.

Having a looped audio file is a horrible idea because in real life our footsteps are never looped. So what I would have done is recorded 200 footsteps (Note: ok, 200 is a lot but even 20 would be great!) “samples”, which would then be triggered each time when her foot touches the ground. Therefore, whether she runs, walks, tip toes, or jogs her footsteps are at different velocities and round-robins, as well as never being out of sync with the audio.

In addition, listening to the same pattern of footsteps for 30 hours is unrealistic. No two footsteps, typing sounds, or violin notes are ever the same. It’s one thing if you’re making a playful cartoon, but if you’re going for realism then you better make sure the veins, sweat pores, footsteps, and hair movements are flawlessly perfect - otherwise, you failed.

And finally, it would have been nice if the sound of footsteps changed depending on the floor’s texture or the size of the room. Running on glass doesn’t sound the same as running on concrete.

pixieplague said: i think they slacked on it because you almost never see her when you play

misterbombastic said: to be fair, though, in most games, you can’t see your character’s feet.

True, but that’s the wrong way to think about things. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. John Gruber, after watching Toy Story 3, talked with Merlin Mann about how incredibly detailed the seatbelt was in this one scene. It was an object that had 2 seconds in the film, yet someone at Pixar poured a lot of love into that seatbelt even though it wouldn’t be noticed.

If you want to win your audience, then you have to master the details. When I watch a movie with CGI, the second my mind detects The Uncanny Valley or something unrealistic then I lose interest. At that very moment, the film lost. In my MIDI music, if one note sounds fake, then I lost.

I can’t love something if no one else loved it enough to make it perfect.

I’ll end with this Steve Jobs quote describing perfectionism: “You got to make the back of the fence that nobody will see just as good looking as the front of the fence. Even though nobody will see it, you will know, and that will show that you’re dedicated to making something perfect.”

Does this bother anyone else? Imperfection in gaming audio will always be my weakness.

roccondil asked:

Just wondering, are you going to PAX East again? I'll be there, all three days! Though they haven't released a schedule or vendor/exhibitor list, if you are going, which parts of PAX East are you/would you be most excited for?

I may head to PAX East. Hit me up, I might be there.

Last year I only went for 1 day because I wanted to spend time with my family for the Easter weekend. I remember last year I got in line at 11pm to see Robert Khoo’s 1am panel. I was so upset because I was only able to stay and listen to him for 15 minutes because my bus was leaving soon. It would have been good to stay the whole time, ask him few questions, and hang out. For those interested, you should watch Robert Khoo’s 2012 Q&A

Here’s a very tired me with GLaDOS :)


The part I’m most excited for this year? If Oculus Rift has a booth, then that takes the cake.

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