Anonymous asked: how about one that is alive today. and also, what is your general outlook on rap as a whole genre. personally, i feel like rap has fallen to a very nasty death, and if people like big and tupac were to send us a message, i think they would be pretty harsh messages. to me, rap isnt what it used to be and there are very few rappers today that are great. times have changed, and no doubt rap has too. but rap isnt all bitches and money.

Of course rap isn’t about “women” and “money”, it’s about art and expression. Even Beethoven wrote about “Bitches” and “Money”, but as a gentleman he appropriately said “Women" and "(No) Money”. Since the beginning of time love and finances have been at the heart of our desire as humans, some rap just put an extreme and almost hyperbolic spin on that.

However, what you choose to listen to creates your own bubble perception of the genre, and therefore dictates what you think it’s about. Lil’ Kim is just as degrading to the opposite sex as any male rapper - so it goes both ways, by the way. 

I don’t feel like rap has gotten nastier. It all depends on what you choose to listen to, I think just as many non-nasty and non-violent raps are around today. There is so much content today, that whatever story (or song in this case) you choose to absorb is going to be your own reality. If the media surrounds your Twitter feed and TV viewing with the latest scandalous and degrading song, then you’re missing out on all the rap music that isn’t.  

As for my favorite living rapper (in order): MC Lars, Common, Nas, old-school Eminem (Hellbound is one of my fave songs ever), and Mos Def. By the way, as there are degrading rap songs today I’m sure there were degrading classical songs back in 1400’s. Even Operas wrote about rape and killing and torture, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, to know what some instrumental music was written about.

A lot of it also has to do with the times. For example, Beethoven didn’t own a pimped-out car because:

1.) Cars weren’t invented yet

2.) The King would have beheaded him if he didn’t write music in accordance with his financial commission/contract.

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