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Change my Tumblr name from @ForOrchestra to @WaltRibeiro?

On more than one occasion people have been unable to find me, and now that I’m starting to branch out onto other things (other than ONLY orchestra music) I’m considering this very strongly.

My concern is that it breaks my brand (my Youtube, Twitter, etc. are @ForOrchestra ).

For example, Tumblr people tell me “I didn’t realize it was your music across my dashboard. I’d have known if I saw @WaltRibeiro instead of @ForOrchestra though”.

So, the @ForOrchestra alias was started because my music lessons from 2006-2010 were made under my @WaltRibeiro alias. Separating them was the right decision, but I knew I’d face this concern in the future if my orchestra ever grew, which it has.

In a perfect world I would:
1.) make @WaltRibeiro my main orchestra/music site
2.) retire @ForOrchestra
3.) move my music lessons to @WaltRibeiroLessons or something


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