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  1. titles-for-tangents said: Thumbs up dude, beard looks good.
  2. captainhowndy said: Looks nice, man!
  3. rilebuster reblogged this from fororchestra and added:
    Yay for team beard
  4. wordsmythologic said: Very nice!
  5. i-normally-dont reblogged this from fororchestra and added:
    Keep the beard forever and give Smooth McGroove a run for his money.
  6. flamesofatimelord said: THUMBS UP! :D Wonderful beard my friend!
  7. trevorrain said: Thumbs up
  8. thelakerz said: Lovely!
  9. angrydragon90 said: So far so good!
  10. another-nascence said: please keep forever
  11. alleninfandomland reblogged this from fororchestra
  12. alleninfandomland said: I LIKE IT!!
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