childgolden asked: Hi there, Walt. Is there a way for you to cover the theme songs to Disney Channel shows?

Of course. after arranging ‘Gravity Falls’ previously, Disney was happy that I went through the burden of legally licensing the piece through them. If you remember I had to be patient for a few months.

But now I have an open line of communication with them, which is good for both parties. They’re actually super friendly.

Internet, what other Disney shows are there to consider?

  1. askgargle said: ((That was a good one))
  2. pyrosmiley said: KIM POSSIBLE
  3. rebelsheart said: Kim Possible - Opening theme is “Call Me, Beep Me” Gargoyles Ducktales Darkwing Duck The Mighty Ducks (The cartoon)
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    Phineas and Ferb?
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  6. dalekanim said: Throwing in another vote for Kim Possible—that show was one of my favorites as a kid!
  7. confederateturncoat said: ducktales. or tailspin.
  8. cellocelsius said: I really like Steven Universe! That would be great for combining chamber orchestral music with its wonderful world of whimsy!
  9. delicioushotschmoez said: Wander Over Yonder?
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    I’d throw my vote in for Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian, or Wander Over Yonder.
  11. trulyelse said: Darkwing Duck. Or the Weekenders. Or Dave the Barbarian. Or Recess. Any of those would be great to hear in an orchestral context.
  12. tenkoman said: Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Gummybears - so in short: The classic Disney Afternoon shows (but especially Gargoyles)
  13. toksyuryel said: As long as you’ve got this open line of communication, why stop at just shows? How about dipping into the Disney film library for a little Be Prepared with a side of Hellfire?
  14. moberemk said: Well once upon a time there was this little show called Kim Possible, maybe you’ve heard of it?
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