Thoughts On WoodenToaster ‘Rainbow Factory’ For Orchestra

Comes out tomorrow.

This piece comes at a crossroads for me. I’ve been taking a lot of “me” time in order to evaluate things going on, tackle some adventurous ideas I’ve had, and become my best self.

Rainbow Factory is a song about how things look so beautiful and welcoming on the cover, but deep down you find out the darkness that it can protrude at times. It’s about digging deep to reveal the real story behind the cover.

This arrangement starts off dark as the basses create a powerful undertone while the clarinet softly and mysteriously echoes about the Rainbow Factory.

The piece picks up in aggression as the drums march on and the percussion section enters one by one. The flutes connect the chorus to the interlude, and it’s at this moment that things are revealed. What started as a beautiful flute passage shits into a roaring scream.

When I was younger, I used to pass judgement on people. Who hasn’t? It’s one of the misfortunes of being young - you’re not popular, you’re trying to find yourself, understand things, or choose a career. Ultimately, you don’t understand people or what they go through because you’re old enough to think you know it all, but too young to know anything.

In my old age I’m becoming smarter, happier, and much more understanding of how crazy life and life’s experiences can be. It’s not always happy, and it’s not always understood. But the more I learn then the more I love the obstacles and setbacks. The more I learn about other’s problems the less I judge and the more I can relate.

Rainbow Factory, while it may be my last and final My Little Pony tribute, is a song that has more meaning than melody. The Rainbow Factory may very well be where your fears and horrors come true, but the song is where you realize you’re not alone in having fears, uncertainties, and horrors.

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