I’m Thrilled MLP ‘Smile’ Was Delayed

I’m all done. Everything. And it sounds glorious. But it’s been almost a year in the making.

So why so long? And why am I thrilled about the delay?

As I mention quite frequently, I honestly try to improve at something every day. Some days I learn how to compose better, a new piano technique, or even my basketball dribble (NOTE: I’m horrible at basketball, but I try). And the only way to see how much you’ve improved is to zoom way out and compare the distant past from the present.

This arrangement was completed last year, but sat dormant as I waited for the audio claps. Then it was pushed back, and eventually forgotten.

So when I revisited it last week I couldn’t believe how bad my arrangement sounded. Everything from the percussion to the EQ mix was horrible. Bluntly put, my standards are leaps and bounds from where they sat last year.

Once a piece is published I leave it untouched because I want my archive to be a time-capsule, of sorts.

'Smile Smile Smile' is now something I'm proud to get behind. Who knows, maybe next year I'll revisit it and cringe again as a result of my constant growth.

But that would be something I would look forward to. Growth is to be pursued because if you’re not swimming then you’re sinking. It’s the difference between like and love.

And that’s what makes me smile, smile, smile - and I hope to pass that grin onto you as it has to me.

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