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  1. be-my-airplane answered: I really like the back to the coda and for orchestra shirts in black
  2. drunk-on-your-awe answered: black shirts look better on everybody in my opinion i like the black ones
  3. eggbertspengler answered: 1
  4. blooper-boy answered: 1, so much 1. maybe also 2. and just black and white is fine to me, but gry would be sweet too.
  5. whatthedickisasylph answered: #1!!! #2 might look more Star Wars-y with a black shirt and white staff. Might make the yellow notes hard to see- maybe keep those white?
  6. caterfree10 answered: 3 is my favorite! I don’t mind the black and white myself, though I like black shirts with light text more. :Bb
  7. kobanya-kana answered: Black and white are fine. Don’t want costs to run up too high.
  8. c0mbat-wombat answered: Maybe white design on a black shirt for #4
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  10. moumentai answered: Definitely back to the coda.
  11. meziko answered: i like them black
  12. imayhavejust answered: you clever little shit
  13. window-gazer answered: baCK TO THE CODA
  14. flamesofatimelord said: Black and White seem fine. Anything else might be a color people will have issues with and may not sell completely. At least for the first run. Though grey could be a choice. Because it’s also one of those standard colors.
  15. pesterchum-handle-phoenixtales answered: Back to the Coda is perfect! Also, blue and grey are good colours for shirts
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  18. hierouji answered: oh my god those are perfectly nerdy i love them
  19. macrocosmus answered: 1
  20. vero-chan answered: Black and White sell well. I think Red would make a pretty cool color too.
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    oh my god back to the coda
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