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The Poor Man’s Noise Cancellation Headphones

I thought of this idea last week and it’s worked perfectly. I have an 8 hour flight coming up and preparing for the worst: a loud baby or noisy airplane engine the entire time.

Noise-cancelling headphones are $150-$300, and I thought it was pointless to buy them for a one-time use and hoard more equipment that will collect dust afterwards (I rarely write music in a busy environment).

I had construction headphones ($20-$30) back from when I played in a band and my iPod headphones. So I wore my iPod headphones like normal, and simply put the construction headphones over top. Absolutely perfect.

1.) I save $150-$300
2.) I can still send/receive phone calls without taking off my headphones
3.) Sound quality is perfect
4.) I don’t hoard more stuff
5.) No battery is needed
6.) NC Headphones are known to break. These won’t.
7.) You’ll never notice these aren’t actual NC headphones. Plus stylistically, I prefer the ways these look.
8.) Since they’re construction headphones, they’re very lightweight and comfortable.
9.) As the bottom picture shows, the fold is incredibly small, much much smaller than actual NC headphones. The perfect travel companion.


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    actually they make headphone earmuffs now for industrial work $40.
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