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Yea but I’m not too worried about it. I live a pretty minimal life, here’s my monthly breakdown:

$400 rent
$200 food
$200 health insurance
$200 music licensing and distribution
$200 recreation and hanging with friends
$50 phone and internet

At this time last year I had just made over $700 a month which was an insanely huge amount of money for me at the time. I always said that if I made it over “the tipping point” then I would give my music away and just keep doing this for everyone, close my eyes and see where it takes me. “If it scares you, do it” - so sure, I’m scared I may have cannibalized my income, but I’ll know in 3 months if I’m stupid or if my community will make sure I don’t go away.

Here’s where your dollar goes when you purchase my music. I have two lines of income that have been just enough for me to survive:
1.) my Youtube music lessons here
2.) my orchestra music here.

I also want to start a monthly accounting blog update on the first of every month so everyone can see what I made, where the money went, and future plans. As an internet junkie I’m big on transparency, but this is also about the structure of what I want this to be:

I see you as my employer, and me as the employee. So you should know the finances anyway, in my opinion.

That being said, t-shirts are coming out soon, so they’ll have higher profit margins than a digital download. I’ve been so busy the past year arranging that I haven’t gotten around to it - but expect it in a few weeks at most.

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