Thoughts On Tomorrow’s NIN ‘Closer’ For Orchestra

How do you make an orchestra sound like sex?

When I began this piece I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. Should it be soft and quiet, a military march, or a scherzo trio? How dynamic should it be? How long? How fast or slow?

After much consideration, I have the viola quietly introducing the piece on top of a fortissimo bassline. In the original, the basses are incredibly demanding, so I added them underneath the innocence and softness of the melody.

For the chorus the clarinet was the perfect companion in its middle register. To keep the momentum building I decided to add a lot of percussion than usual in this piece (triangle, anvil, roto toms, timpani, harp, cymbals, drums, snare ensemble, etc.) When tackling an industrial and dark song percussion is the perfect additive. The sound of a drum hit is quit powerful while also being dark and commanding. This is the exact sound I was going for.

Like sex, the piece builds up between the instruments into the final confrontation and climactic military section. If the drum hits I mentioned earlier were perfect for creating power and darkness, then the added brass at this final section created love and sexual release.

Simple things like the poetic air of a woodwind instrument can symbolize the heavy or soft breathes between two people. It’s these simple details that make a piece of music come alive, just as it’s in the simple things we do that can make each other come alive.

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