Back In My Stride

I lost it for a bit. Overwhelmed on life, song choices, feedback, and everything hitting me at once. It was showing through in my music and personal life and was causing me to be quiet here on Tumblr. I needed a few weeks to relax and think about things.

I’ve been getting in shape, eating better, sleeping better, concentrating on my piano playing, re-analyzing my arrangements and tearing them apart, and trying to understand life.

But drama aside, I’ve basically just been trying to become a better person. I even played frisbee golf the other day for the first time in years. 2 things I missed immensely: nature and my friends.

The result is that my next 3 arrangements: NIN ‘Closer’, Gravity Falls, and My Little Pony ‘Smile Smile Smile’ are my absolute best work to date. And I’m completing them at a record pace. I just feel better about the things I’m doing and how I’m approaching everything.

Thanks for sticking with me. My head is cleared. I’m back in my stride.

  1. hamstergal said: Welcome back!
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    This guy does some of the best stuff for ears ever created, and he’s going to do an Orchestra version of Smile, Smile,...
  3. the-arcane-lombax said: Going through the same thing myself. You’re not alone.
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