Donate Now More Than Ever Before

After Boston’s bombing, I needed a few days to think about everything. Some of my friends were a block away in the race, but I didn’t want to just write another opinion article about the whole thing.

Sure, we should make our work more intense than ever before, but I’m now convinced that we should also donate now more than ever before. If you don’t have a lot of money or can’t help Boston in any other way, then consider donating blood.

The blood you donate this week may be the promising ticket that someone needs at a moment’s notice next week. A blanket you donate today may be the one used in the next Hurricane disaster. The hair you donate tomorrow may be the one that helps a cancer patient in a few years.

Last month when I donated blood I didn’t realize how important it was until today. When I donated my hair years ago I found out that I helped a cancer patient (so I’m growing it out again), and when I die my organs will be donated because I won’t need them. Who knows, you may even discover that you have a rare blood type that can save over 2 million children from dying.

It’s been said this week that “the second you change your life then the terrorists have won”. While that is true, I now also feel that the second we change our own lives for the better in order to help others then WE have won.

Feel free to add other links to this list below. There are certainly more good people in the world than bad, and it’s the little things we can do together that can make a big difference.

American Red Cross
Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Locks of Love

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    Just to add on, donating hair felt really nice. The moment when the hairdresser finished cutting my hair, I felt some...
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    I’m really upset that I can’t donate any blood right now because of the antibiotics, but I should be clear to do so...
  8. detroit-to-tadfield said: As much as donating blood is a good thing, there will likely be an over abundance as there usually is after events like this and blood has a short short shelf life. Wait a week or two before going if you are going to donate blood to help.
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  10. msdrbeat said: I am signing up to be a bone marrow donor. Especially being mixed race it’s hard to get a match and if I could provide that…damn.
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