Want a video of me playing piccolo?

Well, here ya go! It’s not perfect. But whatever. I am not a perfect player. 

Anyways, the piece is called “Block M March” and I skipped the repeats and a 30 measure section of rests. 

My favorite Tumblr, you go Roxanne!

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    Wait.. She’s holding it backwards What
  2. sleeping-with-adub said: I LOVE that march :) I’ve played atleast three times so far in high school for concerts and then a couple times at MPA <33 love love love
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    My favorite Tumblr, you go Roxanne!
  9. tamethefierydragon said: You have a great sense of rhythm for a piccolo player (the ones I know can’t count BLARGH)! Your fingerings seem very accurate and smooth to me, but that’s just my opinion. Intonation is a bit iffy, but that comes with any piccolo. Keep up the good work!
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