Why There’s No Song This Week

I had a dream (nightmare?) that during my interview next month to be a college professor the faculty gave me a pop-quiz to play piano for them.

I couldn’t do it well, and therefore they told me I couldn’t teach at the school.

This dream (nightmare?) happened last week, and I really feel like I have to get my act together and be a better piano sightreader, and not just a composer. That’s why this past year I mentioned that I’m obsessively playing piano and then this dream (nightmare?) really scared me and told me keep at it… or else!

So that’s the story. I’m sorry that I’m stressing out, but I really don’t know what to expect. And now the anxiety is attacking me in my sleep :P But the good news is that now I’m also almost confident enough to play piano for you on my Livestream very soon :)

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  2. askgargle said: ((I had a nightmare last night where I was given a huge exam with a long list of things to draw and I couldn’t finish them in time and the examiner tore out one and called it an example of what not to do!))
  3. fantasmagoricallyawesomesawse said: Hey you, you’re amazing at everything musical. You’ll do fine. I’m sure you will. Get up there and amaze them with your awesomeness, bro.
  4. illusorymaiden said: Don’t worry about us too much. We understand and support you :D
  5. edito-rial said: That’s alright mate :)
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