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The 3 Homestuck composers I’ve arranged in the past (‘Sburban Jungle’ by Michael Bowman, ‘Fuschia Ruler’ by Kezinox, and ‘Megalovania’ by Radiation) have all heard my work. Some have even reblogged it!

In the case of Malcolm Brown, he ecstatically said “yea go ahead and arrange it!”. But I’m not sure he’s heard it because it’s usually weeks before he replies to my Tumblr messages. I don’t even have his email address to pay him via PayPal yet. The Homestuck composers are trying to find it for me haha So if anyone can message him and get his attention for me, PLEASE DO IT!

I’ve said that he’s one of the best guys out there right now, and I worked insanely hard on RDA, so I hope he hears it.

The Homestuck musicians (at least the ones that I’ve talked with) passionately believe in what they do and the community they surround themselves by, so that’s why I love arranging their music and making sure they hear my tribute to their work. And the ones that I’ve spoken to are actually super cool to work with. I would love to be a fly on the wall and witness any music and fun they create if they were ever in the same room at once.

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