dawndrawsnear asked: Sending you $10 today as a direct result of you adding a free option to your last two releases. Just letting you know, that stuff works.

It’s crazy because one of my best selling songs is Code Lyoko, which happened to be my first free song. You guys voted to make it free, so I did.

And then a funny thing happened, all of Code Lyoko’s Official accounts kept talking about it and spreading it around.

This is a really weird time to be a musician because it breaks every business tactic anyone has ever been taught, which I love. I love how you request song ideas and nudge me on how you want my arrangements to sound or cover art to look.

Tomorrow’s release it going to be free too (that’s how I wanted Orchgasm weekend to be). I see this being a trend - LOOK UNDER YOUR SEAT!


  1. blueymcphluey said: 'freemium' is the business model term for this by the way!
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