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Last week I discussed how I was working on my resume to be a music college professor.

Here’s a picture: it’s a parody of a Youtube page. The 3 pages from left to right:

1.) Youtube Comments Page
2.) Youtube Channel Page
3.) Cover Letter

The Youtube Comments page lists my references. So it says “David wrote a comment 10 minutes ago: Walt is a blast to work with”, etc.

The 4 “videos” in the Youtube Channel Page are actually Experience, Education, Skills, and What Can You Offer. The large picture of me at top has a video player skin around it to look like a featured video, and the channel description lists my qualifications. The “Related Channels” in the sidebar are music skills and organizations I belong to.

I originally tried to parody a Tumblr page but I couldn’t make it work. Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Hope you like this.

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    I hope it works out for you! With these types of notes and letters and documents, It’s all about making the exact right...
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    that is wonderful; it is very creative and very bold. I’m sure you wouldn’t have done this without knowing it would be...
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    This is so cool.
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  12. indie-brittney said: wow holy crap that’ll get someones attention!
  13. flamesofatimelord said: I am utterly amazed at the creativeness of your resume and how professional it looks. Hopefully you’re accepted and will get a chance on getting to educate the next musical geniuses of the world.
  14. operasiren said: That is really clever! Keep us posted and good luck!
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