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From this post tonight:

toksyuryel said: I am inclined to disagree here with “stripping out the vocals”. In vocal music, the vocals are as much a part of the music as the instruments, and an arrangement should try to preserve them in the form of a replacement instrument.

100% right, and I should have made that clear. When arranging a song (or painting, or movie) even when you take something away it’s still there in spirit. Obviously instrumental music takes away the words, but the music still has to reflect what the words are saying and the overal emotion of that piece.

If someone carelessly “replaced” a song’s lyrics with violins, then the adaptation would fall flat. Playing or writing the notes is the easy part, but having to convey something is what musicians and arrangers work on the most. I’ve always been fascinated about stuff like this.

The mastery of things always falls into that last 2% of fine-tuning. It took Usain Bolt 3,000 hours to run 100 meters in 9.8 seconds, but it took him another 7,000 hours to get that down to 9.58 seconds.

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