Harlem Shake Infringement

This is the stuff I’m talking about when I have to be cautious of arranging songs. Harlem Shake sued for using unlicensed samples. Not that I’m a fan of the song or meme anyway, but the point is that remixers don’t always clear samples and many get burned in the long run.

Granted, I’m not using actual samples from the original song, so it’s slightly different. But still, since i’ve been doing this for 6 years I’ve learned the hard way that you have double and triple check this stuff sometimes - even right down the the cover art.

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  4. little-brittney said: i hate this stupid harlem fad crap
  5. lord-of-bacon said: The Harlem Shake was never good anyways. The song sucked and the idea was quickly overused and abused. But you’re right. You have to make sure you’re allowed to use every asset before doing so.
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