Homestuck 5 Minutes?

'Rex Duodecim Angelus' is 6:30 in duration. I would like to edit it down to my 5 minute mark.

Question: is this against the rules?

I’ll take great care in making sure none of the characters ‘attacks’ against the Black King are deleted. All the melodies and structure of the fight will still be there, just a little bit shorter.

If not, then I will concede to your highest demands. Internet, just let me know.

  1. semiautomagic answered: Don’t let the internet make your art. Do what you want to do.
  2. portaljumper339 said: I’ll defer to you on this, but I would like to hear the full song arranged.
  3. yloe1234 answered: You could cut a bit from the beginning..
  4. sexuallytransmittedvirginity answered: There’s definitely a lot of filler in the original, I say go for it.
  5. hawkofrawk answered: Go ahead and cut tavros’ down to like a second. No one really cares about him
  6. zoey2070 answered: I’d say make it five minutes, the intro seems really long to me anyway.
  7. citruswitch answered: The intro could be a bit shorter, sometimes I feel like the song takes a while to start. I know I won’t mind it being shorter however!
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  9. a-silly-pony answered: Do what you think is best, even if personally, I’d like it at full length.
  10. manofspook answered: Keep it at 6:30!
  11. bleachedshadow answered: I think it could be cut down, and would trust you to do a fine job of it
  12. lunainvidia answered: You could probably trim down several of the Black King’s repeating motifs without harming the piece, I think.
  13. undefinedsnail answered: It’d be awesome to have the full song, but since it’s more expensive, I’d say shortening it is perfectly acceptable.
  14. gimmickwizard answered: what’s one and a half minutes, really? i’d keep it at the 6:30 mark.
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  16. redsocialscylle answered: Artist’s prerogative, I’d love to hear your adaptation!
  17. tropicalsonata answered: I think I remember once you said it cost you more to go over 5 min? If so you should cut it down! We are good with 5 min :)
  18. townjunk answered: I think having an extra minute and a half would be amazing, vs not having it
  19. yuunasei answered: Not against the rules at all, especially since you’re saying that everything will still be there.
  20. kaoticandenemies answered: I would prefer the full 6:30, but it depends mostly on what makes the best song. I mean, in the end you are the creator/adapter.
  21. reversalsun answered: I’d say try to keep it the original length
  22. rawowner333 answered: do what you want! it’s your piece! as long as it flows well, it won’t matter. I can’t wait to hear it
  23. tellahamna answered: I’m fine with you cutting it down. I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job!
  24. themusecalliope said: it’s fine with me, because it’s going to sound great anyways
  25. brokenpocketwatch answered: If you keep it at six minutes, I’ll by the song twenty times. If you shorten it to five, I’ll still buy it twenty times.
  26. trichromanic answered: Certainly if you feel like it’s necessary. I know there are a few parts that seem to drag on and be repetitive anyway
  27. rafr answered: I have no problem with that as long as it still sounds awesome!
  28. crepusculecraft answered: if you cut it maybe you could trim down the black kings leitmotif as thats the filler and it gets pretty repetitive
  29. nanocyte answered: As long as it sounds good, I’m fine. I’d prefer the full thing, but ultimately, it’s up to you. I’m sure it’ll sound fantastic regardless.
  30. toksyuryel said: Ok I wrote my answer before I read the 5 minute article. You should probably cut it down to less than 5 minutes as usual. I didn’t realize it cost you more to go over that.
  31. toksyuryel answered: Rather than cutting to an arbitrary time limit, you should let the music inform where you should cut to. Don’t try to force things into a box
  32. thabatterwitch answered: If it sounds good go for it!
  33. wordlessrage answered: Do whatever you think is best, man.
  34. nitrogenmonoxide answered: no objections here
  35. qoin answered: just do whatever you’re more comfortable with, man
  36. ceramicsquid answered: I’m cool with you cutting the song down a little. Frankly, it gets repetitive, after having heard all the original attacks.
  37. misterbombastic answered: do what your heart says, walt.
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