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Behind the scenes on Homestuck For Orchestra. Make sure you put on headphones so you can clearly hear the bassline. It’s coming along nicely, but the score is massive (I’m a little intimidated by it).

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    this is sounding incredible so far! i can’t wait till it’s finished
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  8. flamesofatimelord said: Oh this is really interesting. I hope we get to see this for more of your songs. It’s definitely different and gives us a great view on what goes into making these songs and the small things we don’t see or hear for that matter. :D Keep it up Walt!
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    I can’t express how excited I am for Rex Duo. It sounds awesome so far, and that’s just the main melody.
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    I have not listened to it yet but I shall reblog it so I do later
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    My favorite HS song! Can’t wait to hear this when it’s done!
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