Why Don’t Videogames Use Dongles?

From SimCity’s disastrous launch, everyone is up in arms about the always-online DRM and slow servers. I can’t blame them and would have bought the game myself had it been standalone offline, and if EA/Origin wasn’t behind it.

For those who don’t know: Dongles are little USB sticks that contain licensed serial numbers that link to the software you purchased. Once the serial number is 1-time-activated then it’s stored on the dongle and can never be changed. I have mine connected to my keychain so I’m never without it, and it’s never been an issue. I then simply plug in my dongle, load my music software, then I unplug the dongle and get to work (without taking up any USB ports!).

I could never imagine having to be online 24/7 just to write music or enjoy a videogame. Why don’t gaming companies do this?

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  2. toksyuryel said: What happens when you lose the dongle?
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  4. yggidee said: I have, right now, 3 USB thumb drives, 5 microSD cards and 3 SD cards. And those are the ones I can FIND. Please god don’t make me carry more dongles.
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  8. faeline said: They tried.
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  10. mtgfan said: The idea is that some calculations are handled in the Cloud. I don’t buy it, but it could be true. And there’s the while social aspect of the game as well. Your city can’t thrive on its own, etc…
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  12. fantasmagoricallyawesomesawse said: omg, Diablo III and Startcraft 2 have the same problem. Seriously, why do they require 24/7 internet connection to play them? Dongles would be awesome…
  13. 1980sskeletonman said: digital download is more cost-effective for the companies, and not every service or game lets you use physical media. IE, FTL: Faster Than light, or Audiosurf. Indie games can’t afford discs or dongles, so online’s the only way to go for them.
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    That’s a good Idea. I don’t have 24 hour online access, so I just don’t buy software that requires it. I remember the...
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  16. ardentthrowaway said: Because that’s just added cost for gaming companies to add in a physical dongle. Coupled with the fact that game only costs 50 - 60 dollars, versus hundreds, a secure dongle doesn’t make business sense.
  17. steamlord313 said: Dongles are actually more than that, but yeah good point.
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