roccondil asked: Just wondering, are you going to PAX East again? I'll be there, all three days! Though they haven't released a schedule or vendor/exhibitor list, if you are going, which parts of PAX East are you/would you be most excited for?

I may head to PAX East. Hit me up, I might be there.

Last year I only went for 1 day because I wanted to spend time with my family for the Easter weekend. I remember last year I got in line at 11pm to see Robert Khoo’s 1am panel. I was so upset because I was only able to stay and listen to him for 15 minutes because my bus was leaving soon. It would have been good to stay the whole time, ask him few questions, and hang out. For those interested, you should watch Robert Khoo’s 2012 Q&A

Here’s a very tired me with GLaDOS :)


The part I’m most excited for this year? If Oculus Rift has a booth, then that takes the cake.

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