A smidge of criticism

Hello, my name is Jasper. I have been a fan of your work for some time now, probably approaching somewhereabouts a year I believe.

While I do vastly enjoy your songs, something about them always made them seem a bit… well, FLAT to me.

I starting thinking about this, trying to figure out the reason for that sense of off-ness, and I realized what it was one day while listening to Upular, a FANTASTIC song I found a while ago through tumblr much like I did yourself. It displays the concept i will try to explain soon a lot better than my obscure waffling about ever will, ahah.

Your songs ARE flat, in that there is no panning or locations you would expect. Everything, from teh brass to the xylophones or what have you, is all presented at teh same volume level in each ear.

What this does, is make it so that the song feels artificial. There is no way for the mind to picture a 3-dimensional space out of that, which is important in making a song feel right to me, I suppose.

I don’t expect you to see this, and hardly expect you to be able to make sense of my ramblings here, but in the off chance it does I do hope you take this into consideration!

Thank you for reading, dude, and I hope you have a really swell day!

you are an inspiration, and I always look forward to new releases from you!

I wish people criticized me more so I can speed up my improvements. As I’ve said before, living in a bubble is deadly. I agree with every single thing you say here. I’ve been over compressing the violins and riding the levels in the brass too much these past few months.

My next few arrangements are the best sounding ones I’ve done so far. And I think I’ll iron out all my problems in a few months. Also, I check every email and answer to everyone because I hate when people ignore me, so I make sure not to do it to others. Thanks Jasper!

  1. childofraziel said: bless you for being a person that handles critiques so well. It’s refreshing to see here on tumblr.
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