katzmatt asked: why dont you accept donations for getting licences for songs, IE i could pay you like 5 dollars to cover the licences for the bond songs , because i would totally do that if you wanted

Well it would be $2.03 per sale. So $100 in donations would cover ~45 sales (remember, 23 songs at 9.1 cents each is $2.03 in royalties per song). If I did all 23 James Bond intros into one song then I would have to sell each single for $3 just to make up the difference (Bandcamp would allow this tiered pricing, but iTunes doesn’t allow $3 singles.). Plus I’d imagine not too many people would buy a $3 song, which further reduces the finances of arranging it.

On the other hand, if I only got $100 in donations and the song somewhow went gangbusters and sold 1,000 copies, then I’d have to make up the difference 1.) out of my own pocket 2.) hoping for more donations. Hope is deadly, I don’t base any decisions in my life based on hope. I need things to be concrete before I do anything - like I said last week, being poor sucks but being debt was the absolute worst.

One option would be to raise $1,000 to cover royalties for a limited edition download for $3, capped at ~480 downloads. That could work because since I would owe $2 per single, I would never have to worry about selling more songs than the donations covered.

As for donations to me, the link is I never promote it though because it feels spammy to me.

  1. katzmatt said: OOOOOOOH I see i though it was a licence and in a one time thing…
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