You Can’t Create A Market

One of my college professors always said to me: “You can’t create a market.”

I’ve since learned how true it is. The demand for a product has to already be there, even if noone realizes it yet (or if it hasn’t even been invented yet!). To me, chasing a market is a fool’s game because at that point you’re jumping into something that is already saturated.

But when it comes to innovation. you’re entering an untapped market and demand. That also requires a large risk and leap of faith, but that’s the fun of it.

Every idea - from the car, iPhone, assembly line, or lightbulb, were not markets that were created. They were markets that were already there, but weren’t discovered yet. You know the phrase “I didn’t know I wanted it until I had it”? Well, that’s the goal. As Trey Parker and Matt Stone said “Disruption is overrated”. So the key, for me, is just to make a remarkable product and then it will find its audience.

It’s not about market disruption, it’s about market discovery.

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