maroon-piano asked: I know you've got this question a lot but your FAQ is a little confusing (although funny, I might add). The arrangements you write, are they or are they not for sale (either way as much as I would love to buy one, I don't have the money for it)? The reason I ask is because it says "only original material" and technically your arragnments aren't directly your own, as someone else originally wrote the song, but it's an arrangement, so yes, it is your own music. Again, I apologize I'm just confused

hahaha my bad. My FAQ was just a placemarker for me because I meant to update it. I completely forgot about it. OK I’ll fix it tomorrow after I wake up.

Sheet music is a tricky little critter. That’s why I can only sell music downloads. Shirts and cool stuff are coming shortly!

Email me, but it’s unlikely because the upfront payments for licenses are usually way out of my reach.

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