Hatsune Miku For Orchestra?

I’m listening to “World is Mine” which would sound amazing if I tackled it. Are there others? Is this even worth considering?

  1. mamaseagull answered: world is mine might not sound too good on orchestra in my personal opinion? O: try something like Matryoshka (which is an amazing song btw)
  2. opalinesque answered: holy crap if you did Vocaloid stuff I would possibly outright die of happiness.
  3. rufusdrumknottquitshisjob answered: FUCKFUCKFUCK YES DO WORLD IS MINE PLEASE uh not hatsune miku but also vocaloid is i like you i love you by kagamine rin
  4. thearabian-guardian-of-fun answered: "Matryoshka" & "Just be Friends"!!!
  5. queerqueensansaarchive answered: Oh please please do a vocaloid Orchestra piece.
  6. bloodspiderlily answered: Ghost in the Shell Cyberbird
  7. wordsmythologic said: The cool thing about Vocaloid songs is that they’re almost exclusively fan-made, and there’s thousands of them. Endless music from a community of fans.
  8. wordsmythologic answered: If you’re considering any Vocaloid songs, Ievan Polkka is the fan favourite by a mile, but Wold is Mine is up there too. Definitely.
  9. sexuallyfabulousghoul answered: Happy Synthesizer!!
  10. writer-next-door answered: I would love to hear Senbonzakura, Matryoshka, or Rolling Girl. Those would be amazing in an orchestra version!
  11. aisonnn said: Rolling girl?
  12. townjunk answered: I really like vocaloid, that would be great to see!
  13. untildeathdowepart answered: Love is War
  14. shrimpiemimi said: Tell Your World would sound awesome. :D
  15. adaleech answered: yesssss
  16. cs-elliot answered: Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil are good, as are Message of Regret, and ReBirthday are all great, but those aren’t Miku. Still Vocaloid.
  17. kusanagimenagerie answered: YES it is worth considering.
  18. umispookies answered: It’s a bit overplayed — how about something like Innocence, ODDS AND ENDS, or Tell Your World?
  19. spirit-worldwarrior answered: Interesting idea Walt. Although I feel if you do that you’ll be opening a whole new can of worms with the Vocaloid fandom.
  20. formadscience answered: I highly recommend Matryoshka.
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  22. wcob answered: yes
  23. fiitamae answered: Oh my god yes. Particularly Luka’s Tower.
  24. flurry-of-dancing-flaming-homos said: And I agree, World is Mine would sound fabulous orchestrated!
  25. flurry-of-dancing-flaming-homos answered: I would suggest Sharocket(youtube.com/watch?v…) and Circle You, Circle You(youtube.com/watch?v…)
  26. kuran2010 answered: That sounds brilliant.
  27. rnagus answered: word of warning, vocaloids will suck you in! tread carefully
  28. ryumarumg answered: YES. Please, do it! I think the entire Vocaloid culture is something you’d be interested in, actually!
  29. awwyeahkitsunes answered: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes please
  30. koreanmermaidpuke answered: YESSSSSSSS DO EEEETTTTTTTT one of my favorite vocaloid songs. idk how you’d do copyright tho…
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